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السبت، 28 مارس 2009

The Dream

Abdulamusin Almutairi

Produced by
Abdulamusin Almutairi
Faisal Alotaibe

Isis Toucedo Languidey
Gustavo Perez Figueroa
Laura Stanciu

Cinematography by
Taha Musa
Talal Aeel
Abdulamusin Almutairi

Runtime:13 min
Country:Saudi Arabia
Filming Locations:Riyadh, Saudi Arabia more

It's about a Spanish Christian woman living in Saudi Arabia. The movie was entirely shot in Al Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia with Bolivian Actress "Isis toucedo" as a lead actress.The movie will be premiere at the Gulf Film Festival in Dubai at 9 April, in the "lights" section.
This is first time Saudi film without an Arabic language Besides that this is the first Saudi film talking about the issue of the Christian religion in Saudi Arabia
This film is the third from Abdulmusin after "Nothing" which was in official competition in Gulf

Film Festival last year 2008



Runtime:10 min
Country:Saudi Arabia
Filming Locations:Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Directed ,Produced by
Abdulamusin Almutairi

abdulmuhsin Saleh
Nawaf Almuhnna

Cinematography by
Hussam Alhulwa
Turki Al-Rwaita

A story of a young man from the city of Riyadh he's trying to join a project to Achieve his life's dream

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